School Lecture, Presentation, and Performance.

“And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people as one of many hoops that made one circle”
~ Black Elk 

Format: Indigenous style hoop dance demonstration, drumming and singing, native flute playing, lecture on topics involving Indigenous history, and cultural origins presentation.

Presented by:  Three-time world champion hoop dancer: Dallas Arcand

Time:  30 to 60 minutes depending on scheduling with classes.

Our ancestors always lived off of the land and were in balance with the seasons as they changed. Indigenous peoples of their continents and countries had to be master stewards of the land, its ecosystem, knowledge of medicine plants, herbs, natural foods, and animal proteins. The circle of life teaches us and reveals our sacred connections to the world around us, the energies in divine beings, and about the balance of the universe.

This school type format will focus on educating and engaging students in learning about Indigenous culture pertaining to North American history. Dallas Arcand will demonstrate, explain, and share collective knowledge about the protocols involved and associated with Indigenous culture. This presentation will emphasize the connections Indigenous culture has to the land, the correlations in the natural world and how we utilize organic elements for our everyday lives.



  • Introduction and interpretation of Indigenous musical sounds with a performance of the drum honour song and the flute mother earth song.
  • One hoop integrated traditional grass (prairie) dance, which Dallas will interpret and perform with a hoop grass dance style (blessing the ground).
  • Chicken dance style hoop dancing with three hoops; Dallas will explain the Indigenous style chicken dance native to Alberta in which is a dance and Ceremony. Accompanied with 3 hoops into many different formations.
  • Shake song Indigenous pow-wow style with six hoops which focuses on the different style of men’s shake (drum roll) type of dances (grass, chicken, traditional, and fancy).
  • Akeymemoh (to persevere) song: an inspirational speech about neo-natives and multiculturalism with the music of DJ krayzkree ‘Future Generations’
  • Question and answer time adding to the conclusion of the performance.

Written by: Dallas Arcand 2020 ©

Download the PDF: School Lecture, Presentation, and Performance.