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dj krazykree future generations - winner best electronic music album

Dallas Arcand aka DJ krayzkree

Dallas Arcand is proficient in Aboriginal Culture and keeps the balance of music with Indigenous style flute. His debut flute CD “Picking Sweetgrass” was released in the fall of 2007, which earned the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Award: for Best Flute CD and Best Instrumental CD, and for Best Producer, and a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Flute CD. Also in 2007, under the pseudo-Hip-Hop name Krayzkree, he released his debut album “Rezalationz” that earned him an Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award.

Future Generation - DJ KrazykreeDallas currently has 6 albums released to date all available on iTunes online music store. His flute CD release “Thunderbird Spirit” earned him an Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award during the 2014 Manitoahbee Festival.

DJ krayzkree - based on a nickname earned in his upbringing for taking risks, making bold moves and experimenting with music by blending cultural influences of my mixed Indigenous and European heritage. A recent winner at the 2019 Indigenous Music Awards for Best Electronic Dance Music album. DJ krayzkree aka Dallas Arcand (3x world champion Hoop Dancer) has been active in the entertainment / cultural presentation/music and dance world for the past 25 years touring many venues around the world. Now with a new focus of utilizing the popularity of electronic music and Indigenous dance DJ krayzkree is pioneering a new sound with Indigenous artists across the country promoting and glamourizing Indigenous language and teachings within the music. DJ krayzkree as a new artist was inspired by ‘A Tribe Called Red’ music and has a debut release album called “Future Generations” featuring 10 tracks plus a bonus track of our Indigenous style electronic dance music.

In 2017 our music was debuted on a 13-city cross Canada tour with Dean Brody and the CP 150 tour delivered to many Canadians (including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) across the nation.

In 2018 prior to the release of this debut album ‘Future Generations’ the song

‘Sokisimo Oonga Remix’ entered into the CBC searchlight contest and made it into the top 100 and eventually the top 12 standouts, in which there were an overwhelming response and support from the general public.

dj krazykree live on stageDJ krayzkree show was a featured act at the 2018 Canada Day Festival live performance, in Edmonton at the Alberta Legislative grounds.

In 2018/2019 single ‘Hoka Hey’ featuring Dancin Dave and Jayden Paz was featured on the Indigenous Music top 40 Countdown charting for 12 weeks.

2019 Featured on ‘Indigenous music with Larry K’ radio show (Canada and USA) and a feature in the spring edition of SAY Magazine.

Nominee for Best Producer and Best Electronic Music Album at the 2019 Indigenous Music


Winner for the 2019 Indigenous Music Award for Best Electronic Music Album.

Solo Performance as DJ krayzkree at the 2019 Tribal Gathering Festival in Playa Chiquita, Panama.

Feature performer at the 2019 Summer Solstice Festival in Ottawa as DJ krayzkree.

Featured act at the 2019 Wendake powwow in Quebec City, Quebec.

Future Generations was released 10/10/2018 for worldwide digital distribution:


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